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casey & meredith : the wedding

Casey and Meredith had a stunning September wedding at Southern Hills Country Club. It was such a perfect venue for such a classy and gorgeous couple.

Olivia Lee did a stellar job on makeup.

I absolutley loved the bridesbaids gifts.

Something old....The penny that Meredith's grandmother wore in her shoe.

There is a long list of crimes I would consider comitting if I could have Meredith's waist.

The highly anticipated first look.

Note to all future grooms: When you see your bride for the first time, take a step back to check her out and make this face.

Meredith and Casey chose to do traditional vows during their ceremony but wrote something of their own to share with one another during the first look.

Tasha Bartholic did such an amazing job on the flowers and is always such a pleasure to work with.

HOLY MOLY Meredith!!!!! You are such a BEAUTY!

Mamas are the best.

I posted these next two (both in color) on facebook and on instagram to see which one everyone preferred. It was close but most people chose the near shot (taken by me with my 85mm) but everyone agreed the far shot (taken by Jessie with the 35mm) would be perfect for a canvas.

Hello gorgeous ballroom!

This cake by Icing on the Top is ridiculous. Seriously I am in love with it.


david & christal : the wedding

Today I am so happy to share the lovely wedding of David and Christal with you. It was such a perfect day for a November wedding. The ceremony was held at the gorgeous Camp Loughridge and the reception was elegant and refined at the Mayo in Downtown Tulsa. I know that I always say this, but I truly do have the most beautiful clients inside and out.

Christal!! You are a vision to behold.

The French Bouquet rocked my world with this stunning bouquet.

David was looking rather dapper in his tux.

I just love this next shot of David with tears in his eyes and all of his family beaming with joy, camera phones in hand to see Christal coming down the aisle.


clayton & megan : the wedding

Well hello there! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I have a beautiful fall wedding to share with you all today. Megan and Clayton got married on a perfect November Saturday in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The weather and everything about their day could not have been more perfect.

Clayton and Megan, you are such a fun and beautiful couple. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to capture this special time in your lives. I hope that you enjoy this little peek at your photos.

Cowboy through and through.

The first look.

They like to smooch. Obviously. ;)

I absolutely love this next series of photos.

This one captures Megan's silly personality perfectly.

Every single bride deserves to have her groom swirl her around like this on her wedding day.

Megan and her Dad had such a sweet relationship. I had a hard time editing my way through the father daughter dance photos without bawling.


jeremy & katie : engagement

I am just so very delighted to share Jeremy and Katie's engagement photos with you. We had so much fun out in the country shooting these. Their love for each other and their love for life is so evident from the second that you meet them. They come from the most amazing family and I am so very honored that I will get to photograph their wedding in Dallas early next year.

Congratulations you two love birds! Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your amazing love story.

They are always smiling, always laughing and just enjoying each other.

Tally and shorty. ;)

Oh Katie girl, you are just a beauty inside and out! Thanks Loren from Vintage Comb for Katie's fabulous hair and makeup.

Family portrait.

We decided to do a little coffee date as a part of their shoot. I love how these images turned out.

Stop being so adorable!

Diamonds and coffee.....What more could a girl need?


kyle & nataley : the wedding

Hello internet world out there! In the next couple of weeks I will be catching up on all of my work so I will be blogging all of my beautiful June clients. I have some personal posts planned too so stay tuned.

I am so excited to post this gorgeous country wedding for you. Kyle and Natatley were married out in the country on Nataley's parent's land. It was simple, sweet and nothing short of perfect. The bride and groom are high school sweethearts and have waited a long time for this very special day. It was a joy and an honor to photograph.

The sweetest little flower girl dresses I have ever seen!

Nataley and Kyle did not want to do a first look but we did a little first touch around a corner before the ceremony.

I have the happiest, most beautiful, and most laid back brides. I heart my job!

Kyle was looking so handsome in his dress blues.

A little snuggling in the grass. Yummy!

You can get a more beautiful wedding view than this. Our God is such an artist.

Father daughter dances get me every time.


brandon + tara : the wedding

There are moments in life when there is absolutely no doubt that everything is as it should be. We get there through a journey of trusting God and seeking him in all we do. For me, shooting this wedding was one of those moments. I have known Tara and her family for several years and have grown to love them and watch their hearts bring heaven to earth in so many ways. Capturing the day that she promised her lifetime to the man of her dreams was one of the greatest days in my photography carreer. Couples like Brandon and Tara are the REASON behind why I am a wedding photographer.

It is a great joy to share some of their wedding photos with you.

This series of first look photos has to be one of my favorite first looks of all time. Such overwhelming and palpable joy.

Happiest bride ever!

There is such beautiful friendship between these ladies. Oh and the beautiful dresses were made by the bride's uber talented Mama.

The gents.

Look at Brandon's beaming face!

Dancing with Daddy.

I hope my face emits the amount of joy that Brandon's Moms did when I dance with my son on his wedding day.

Oh yes they did!


bryan+katherine {the wedding}

Well, here it is. The last wedding post of 2011. Katherine and Bryan were married downtown at the stunningly beautiful Holy Family Cathedral.

One of my favorite things about being a wedding photography is getting the opportunity to see how couples love and compliment one another in such different ways. Katherine is outgoing and stunningly beautiful and Bryan has a quiet strength that makes her feel safe. My favorite part of the day was when I got to steal just the two of them away for photos. They bring out the absolute best in each other. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. T! Thank you for allowing us to capture your special day.

We met up with Katherine in her hotel suite to get a few shots of her and her ladies getting ready.

Love, love, loved Katherine's dress!

Outside of the window of the hotel you could plainly see the beautiful church where they would exchange their vows in just a few hours.

The first look.

One of my favorites from the day.




paul+juwell {the wedding}

It was a perfect September day with absolutely perfect Oklahoma weather for the wedding of Paul and Juwell. Dresser Mansion was looking her best and made the perfect backdrop for all of the fun, laughter and love that filled the day. Paul and Juwell are such a fun and laid back couple. If you are around the two of them for more than five minutes it is so easy to see that they were absolutely made for one another. Juwell will comfort you with her grace and her love for others while Paul will have you rolling on the floor with laughter from his witty humor.

Paul and Juwell, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for entrusting us with the memories of your special day. It was an absolute joy.

The Bridal Garden did a fabulous job on the florals.

A memory locket of Juwell's brother who passed away last year was placed on the boquet so that he was close to her heart all day.

Rawr, Juwell! You were looking absolutely fabulous! The amazing Faccia Bella did Juwell's hair and makeup.

Paul cleaned up pretty nice himself and looked quite dapper in his custom made suit.

The first look was so sweet.

Anytime a bride and groom put personal touches into their wedding day it makes me smile. On their first date Paul got a fortune in his cookie that said that something unexpected would become permanent. Little did he know that there was so much truth in that. Inside of Paul's custom jacket he had this phrase embroidered.

Sweet Jessie layed down in the gravel driveway to get this next shot.

These two are seriously so much fun to photograph. They are so comfortable with each other and have no problem with affection in front of me. ;)

Right before the ceremony Juwell pulled her Mom aside to give her a special hanky that she had made for her and it was such a sweet moment.

Paul's beautiful Mom traveled all the way from Africa to see this special day.

Juwell showing everyone her African dance moves. I am not sure what this dance was called but I secretely tried to observe so that I could go try it when I got home. See, that is me in the background with my round belly observing the awesomeness.

Juwell also had some excellent limbo moves.

Paul, not so much.

But he made up for it by dancing with a candle on his head.



steve+sohailah {the wedding}

Steve and Sohailah....What a joy it has been getting to know this amazing couple. Their story is one of patience, trust in the Lord and a deep and inspiring love. It was a joy and an honor to capture a part of their story. They made it so easy for me to photograph their love and their emotions because they very openly and honestly embrace all of the beauty that this life has to offer.

April and her team at Faccia Bella did a wonderful job on Sohailah and her bridesmaid's makeup.

I just love how excited Sohailah was all day long. She just beams.

Robyn Dill of Robyn's flower garden is always a joy to work with and her work is just plain beautiful. Coincidentally, Sohailah's shoes were the perfect match to her bouquet.

Steve looking quite dapper waiting for his bride.

The next four photos just make me happy.

Sohailah girl, you are a knockout!

First United Methodist in downtown Tulsa is absolutely magnificent.

This next photo tells a bit of a story that really impacted me. Before the wedding, Sohailah's maid of honor asked Steve what was his favorite quality about Sohailah was and why he thought she complimented him. She asked Sohailah the same thing about Steve. She shared their answers during her toast and it is one of those things that will stick with me for years to come. I went home that day thinking of my favorite qualities in my husband and of how he compliments me so well. It was such a good reminder to thank God for knowing us better than we know ourselves and knowing exactly what we would need in a spouse. Reason number 5,456 I love being a wedding photographer. ;)

Here is a beautiful clip of the wedding video from Birdcreek Productions.

Steve & Sohailah Sneak peak! from BirdCreek Productions on Vimeo.


lincoln+savannah {the wedding}

Lincoln and Savannah's intimate wedding was held at the gorgeous Harwelden Mansion in Tulsa. It was absolutely perfect. The day was such a true reflection of who they are as a couple. It may have been the most laid back wedding I have ever been a part of and it was so full of joy, laughter and genuine love.  Congratulations Lincoln and Savannah and thank you so much for choosing us to capture this special time in your journey together. You made us feel like we have been friends for years and years. We could have listened to your witty humor all night long. ;)

Dear Savannah, you are a sight to behold. You have no idea how beautiful you are. Seriously rocked that dress.

I walked into the room at the perfect time to capture Savannah having a bit of a moment. A little bit of tears mixed with a little bit of laughter, both of which are totally welcome on a wedding day. I love it!

The groom was looking quite handsome too.

The first look.

I love the emotion......

I love the laughter.....

And I love this gorgeous couple!

Probably my favorite groom's tie ever.

There she goes again, looking all gorgeous!

The ceremony was the most hilarious and unique exchange of vows I have ever seen.

First, they surprised everyone and had Savannah's brother do the ceremony. He had secretly gotten ordained just for this lovely occassion. Then they each read aloud what each other had written about the other. I was seriously smiling the entire time.

After the traditional wedding ceremony, L and S went outside for the traditional Native American smudging ceremony. It is a beautiful ritual of purification.

Does anyone else have the sudden urge to go get a huge bowl of raspberries and blueberries?

Their little niece was the life of the party and got everyone on the dance floor.  So cute!