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kevin & katie : engagement

We had such a blast doing Kevin and Katie's engagements. Amy and I set up a romantic tent for the occassion. Katie loved the idea of a tent because they actually met while traveling the world and lived in tents for quite some time. It makes my heart so happy when we can encorporate a part of our couple's love story into their shoot.

Love, love, love this tight shot.

Amy from Happily Situated came along to assist me and help me set up the tent scene. She also brought along her camera and put together a darling video of the shoot.

Katy and Kevin from Amy Teague on Vimeo.



jeremy & katie : engagement

I am just so very delighted to share Jeremy and Katie's engagement photos with you. We had so much fun out in the country shooting these. Their love for each other and their love for life is so evident from the second that you meet them. They come from the most amazing family and I am so very honored that I will get to photograph their wedding in Dallas early next year.

Congratulations you two love birds! Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your amazing love story.

They are always smiling, always laughing and just enjoying each other.

Tally and shorty. ;)

Oh Katie girl, you are just a beauty inside and out! Thanks Loren from Vintage Comb for Katie's fabulous hair and makeup.

Family portrait.

We decided to do a little coffee date as a part of their shoot. I love how these images turned out.

Stop being so adorable!

Diamonds and coffee.....What more could a girl need?


bobby and sharon : engagement

Eeeeek! I am so excited to share Sharon and Bobby's engagagement session with you.

As a photographer, it is not okay for me to just take pretty smiley pictures. Pretty smiley pictures are great but it is my heart's desire to capture love, to freeze emotions in a photograph. If smiles come out of that true expression of joy then I am all for it. It was my absolute pleasure to photograph my sister-in-law and soon to be brother-in-law the other day for their engagement session. It was a crazy windy and chilly day and both of them hate being cold but they were troopers and we managed to have a blast doing their shoot. Witnessing their joy through my lens is an experience I will be forever grateful for.

I have never seen my sister-in-law this happy. It is so evident that these two are absolutely perfect for one another. The way that they look at each other, the way that they laugh together brings a little slice of heaven to earth.

I think this next one is my favorite shot of the day. Pure joy.

I'm kinda loving this one too. I'm also totally jealous of Sharon's lashes.


will you marry me?

I was getting ready to post some images from my sweet sister-in-law's engagement session and realized that I never posted the photos from her proposal. Her man Bobby had me come out and secretly take photos while he asked her to be his bride. I hid in the trees like a sniper with my 70-200mm lens to capture this beautiful moment. You can probably tell by the trees that it was last fall. I wish there was a picture of my pregnant buns sitting on the ground hiding behind tree branches. I am sure it was a sight to see.

Note to all guys: Hire a photographer to capture when you ask her to marry you. She will treasure the photos forever.

The scene was just breathtaking.

Sharon is a reporter for Fox23 and Bobby had an elaborate plan of tricking her into thinking she was getting called into work on a breaking news story. He had his best friend waiting at the news station for her when she arrived and he took her home and told her to put on the outfit that Bobby had picked out for her and then drove her out to this beautiful lake.

Here she comes. I was so excited and so emotional.

They talked for a long while.

You better believe as soon as his knee hit the ground, I started crying. It is very difficult to hold a 70-200mm lens steady when you are sobbing and trying to remain hidden. ;)


Checking out the new object of beauty on her finger.

Stay tuned for Sharon and Bobby's engagement session. I also get to shoot their wedding in April. It is so wonderful to capture the love of two people that I love so much.


bear+laura {engagement}

I have to admit that I have been so inspired by shooting love this spring. There is just something about it that gives me energy and joy. 

Bear and Laura's engagement shoot was one of those sessions that I could have shot for hours and hours if the sun would not have gone down. The way that they looked at one another with those loving glances and the way that Bear made Laura smile from the inside just took my breath away. 

B and L, I loved spending this beautiful spring evening capturing your love. I can tell you that I am most definitely looking forward to your wedding day. I know without a doubt that it will be full of love, laughter and joy. I hope that you enjoy this little peek at your photos.

We thought it would be fun to start out with some shots with Laura's vintage bicycle. Saying that I LOVE this bicycle would be an understatement. 

So fun!

Um excuse me Laura....but could you stop looking so drop dead gorgeous please? You are making the rest of us feel bad. ;)

A favorite.

Another favorite.

Monogram tea cups from Anthropologie adds a little whimsy.

Okay maybe they are all my favorites.


morgan+cully {engagement}

I am so excited that wedding season is back in full swing! I had such an amazing time doing this romantic engagement session with Morgan and Cully. They are the sweetest couple and so obviously head over heals in love with one another. They made my job incredibly easy. 

I wish that I could steal Morgan's hair from her. She is absolutely stunning and is going to make a breathtaking bride. 

I set up a little love tent for our shoot. It was quite humorous trying to get them both in there at the same time. It was ridiculously tiny. ;)


juli+barry {engagement}

The only thing better than a couple engaged to be married is a "Country Engagement!" Juli and Barry did their engagement session out in the Oklahoma countryside and I could not have loved photographing them more. It helped that they both look like models straight out of a magazine and the scenery was equally as gorgeous. 

I dream of living in a home among open fields, endless trees and a lake. I live in a little brick house in Midtown Tulsa so I have to get my fill of country living from my photo shoots. 

Juli and Barry, I am so very honored and excited to be your wedding photographer. Thank you for inviting me to your hometown for this shoot. I love watching the way that you love one another.

Barry is the perfect southern gentleman and he seems to always be aware of how Juli is doing and what she is feeling. They seriously fit together so perfectly. 

Juli had the cute idea of incorporating a bottle of wine with Barry's last name as the title of the vineyard. 

Hello beautiful green field of winter wheat. I love you!

I can't get enough of some yummy country light.

Seriously guys, you are making me wish I could borrow a morsel of your hotness! ;)

 So romantic...



kristin+nick {engagement}

More love coming your way!

This is Kristin and Nick. We met up for their engagement session on a perfect fall evening. Ever since I first met Kristin I just knew that I would have so much fun photographing her with her man. Nick was such a sweet gentleman to drive all the way into Sapulpa from Oklahoma City for our session. 

I think that they rocked their shoot. 

Congratulations Nick and Kristin. I am so excited for your wedding next year. I hope that you enjoy this little peek at your photos. 


ashley+eric {engagement}

The craziness of wedding season is finally winding down so thank you all for hanging in there with me and being patient as I play catch up.  I will blogging the amazing last two weddings of my year very soon.

For all you lovers of love out there, here is another adorable couple engaged to be wed. Meet Ashley and Eric. They make each other smile and laugh unlike any couple I have seen. They were such a joy to photograph and be around. You can just see in their eyes that they are perfect for one another. Their smiles are the real deal and I just love it!

Congratulations on your engagement Ashley and Eric! There is nothing better than marrying your best friend.

I am loving the light in this next one.

A favorite.

Another favorite.


lili+michael {engagement}

When the leaves decide to finally fall down and winter makes its way here, I am going to really miss photos like these. 

We did Lili and Michael's engagement session out at Post Oak Lodge last week. The scenery couldn't have been more breathtaking and this couple couldn't have been more in love. Two points for me!

I love that Lili's smile comes from her heart. 

This next one is my favorite and would make an amazing 30x20 canvas. 

 Snuggle time.

We had some friends come out to see what we were up to. 

This next one makes me crack up. It is such a reflection of their silliness. 

Another fave.

Congratulations Lili and Michael, I am so happy that you chose me to shoot your special day. I can't wait!