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big girl camera

I have a confession to make. I have been lazy when taking photos of my children. I love Instagram and the all of the ways it is a fast and easy way to share photos of what is going on in my life with my friends. I love my i-phone and all of the ways I can easily take photos or videos. My phone has been the first thing I grab when I want to take a photo of my children. It has become a habit. A very bad habit.

I am working on changing that habit. I have an amazing camera and I want my photos of my kids' childhood to be crisp and clear and beautiful. I want to look back on these crazy days and remember them with a fond heart. I-phone photos just don't do that for me.

So, I busted out my big girl camera and she is going to stay out so that it becomes easy for me to grab and capture our days. Our days are a bit more crazy than usual right now as we just moved into our new house and we are renovating it as we live there. There may be messes, projects or a lawn that needs love in the background in my photos but this is our story right now. It is real life.

The kids love to play on our new back porch. Mornings are the absolute best back there while the light is still behind the trees and the temperature is still bearable.

I wanted to take a few shots with my phone and my camera so that I could encourage myself and others to get in the habit of reaching for the camera instead of the phone. I did not edit the photos in any way so that it would be a true comparison.


our first home

I write this post with so much emotion lingering in my heart. I am overflowing with joy and gratitude as we begin a new adventure and yet my eyes well with tears as I think about all of the memories that live inside of these walls. We are selling our first home. Notice that I say "home" and not house. It has been our home for the last 6 years. We have brought two children home from the hospital here. Our neighbors have become some of our nearest and dearest friends. We have cried together here, we have laughed together here, we have prayed together here. We have grown into the family that we are today in this place.  I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that this is real. We are putting all of our belongings into boxes and moving out of this home.

We are so blessed with the opportunity to move. Our next house will be made a home just like this one was. We will fill it with love, prayer, the laughter of children, the pitter patter of feet across floors and it will become a HOME.

I thought it would be fun to do a little before and after post in honor of our little house made into a home. It was a HUD foreclosure and needed a LOT of love. The plan is to do the same thing with our next house.




rachael & cory : engagements

I have another dreamy engagement session to share with you today.

Rachael and Cory, I had an absolute blast with the two of you when you came to Tulsa for your engagements. Thank you so much for making the trip here and for being so in love. You made my job so incredibly easy.

I hope you enjoy this little peek at your session.

Some photographers might consider this next shot an outtake but I absolutely love it!

Rachael and Cory brought their beautiful pooches along for the shoot.

Rawr......So romantic these two are!

I think these next two images might be my favorite. The light in them makes me think of heaven.

Seriously amazing wildflower action going on in these next shots.

I didn't even mind that I had to pull off a few ticks after this shoot. (Glamorous life of a photographer!)

Two shoots in a row with red wine lovers. No wonder my clients and I get along so well.


meredith & casey : engagements

I am so excited to share Meredith and Casey's engagement session with you. There is just nothing better than a sweet, beautiful couple in love.

The entire day of the shoot it was cloudy and gloomy and very much on the chilly side. But as soon as we pulled into our shoot location, the clouds opened up and the Lord kissed us with sunshine.

Meredith and Casey, I am so excited to be the one who gets to capture your wedding and I had such a wonderful time getting to know you both a little more in your engagement shoot. You are just so darn adorable and perfect for each other.

Meredith and Casey moved to the top of my list of favorite people when they sent me home with the rest of their wine. ;)


behind the scenes video : imago vita workshop

Eeeeeek! I'm so excited to share this fun little video done by Amy at Happily Situated.

Get a little taste of what it was like behind the scenes at our workshop. 

Imago Vita Photography Workshop from Amy Teague on Vimeo.


SIDENOTE: Registration is now open for our next one to be held on October 5th, 2013.

Just shoot me an email me at


imago vita photography workshop : round 3 

We hosted our third photography workshop a little over a week ago and I wanted to share some images from the day. It was held in the absolutely fabulous studio space of my friend Ashley of Under the Sycamore. She was so kind to kick her chickens out of the space for the day to let us girls hang out.

It was a ten hour workshop packed full of lots and lots of learning. The day starts with a classroom setting going over tons of information like: contracts, marketing, brand identity, balancing home life with photog life, gear, workflow, natural light, off camera lights, photoshop and lightroom just to name a few things. 

Then the attendants get to start shooting and practicing off camera lights as the fabulous Loren from the Vintage Comb does hair and makeup for our model.

Angelyn and Justin were the perfect bride and groom models for us. They were seriously adorable.......seriously! I wanted to put them in my pocket.

After the classroom portion, we headed outside to do a styled bride and groom shoot. I shot and showed our attendants how to make their subjects feel and look natural in their photos. Each attendant had a chance to also work with the models individually.

Here are a few of my favorite portraits from the shoot.

That bouquet was DELISH! So amazingly gorgeous, thanks to Anne Marie at The French Boquet.

Amy from Happily Situated was so kind to let us use her vintage sofa.

And a few shots of our fabulous attendants shooting.

There are so many to thank for sponsoring the workshop and helping this day be such a success!

Under the Sycamore

The French Bouquet

Pen and Paint

Mpix Pro

Happily Situated

Vintage Comb

And of course our gorgeous models Angelyn and Justin!

I can't wait for our next workshop in the fall! It will be held on October 5th, 2013. Be on the lookout for a fun little video from this past workshop to see more from behind the scenes.

For more workshop info email me at



starting him young

If you follow me on Instagram you might remember this photo that I posted several days ago.

If you don't follow me and want to my IG name is shannonrphillips.

Keegan (my four and half) year old is eager to learn about photography. He asks me questions all of the time about photos and my camera. He sits by my side often when I am editing weddings and begs me to teach him how to erase things out of pictures. He is still a baby in my eyes and I initially laughed at him when he asked if he could try to take some pictures with my "real camera". Then I thought about it for a moment and I changed my mind. Why would I stifle his eagerness to learn my craft? I am thankful that he thinks my job is cool and that he appreciates photographs in the same way I do. I want the Lord to give me eyes to see into who my little baby boy is becoming. I want to encourage his curiousity, his willingness to learn and his courage to try something new.

So, with my close supervision I let him go for it.

Photo credit: Keegan Phillips

I am one proud Mama.


puppy love and a new journey

Well, we hosted our third photography workshop this past weekend and it was a dream come true. We had such an amazingly talented group of photographers, great weather, gorgeous models and the perfect setting. I will post more on that later this week.

I couldn't wait to hang out with my family on Sunday and just get some rest. I had skipped our usual Friday no pressure day in order to prepare for the workshop so we made up for it on Sunday.

Lots and lots of just hanging out and enjoying one another. Here are a few shots of the kids hanging out with our four legged kid, Daisy in the backyard.

This one is my absolute favorite.

After lots of rest on Sunday, we began a new journey on Monday.


oklahoma photography workshop

We have a couple of spots left in our photography workshop on April 13th! Email me at for more info.

Check out this post to see more details.


no pressure day

A major struggle that I face as a mama/wife/business owner/Jesus follower is PRESSURE. While there may be pressures that are placed on me by others, the reality is that most of it comes from my own unreasonable expectations that I place upon myself. I am supposed to be perfect, well dressed, have squeaky clean floors, well mannered children, meet all of my husbands needs, have X number of clients, no dirty dishes, meaningful quiet times and bible reading every day......the list goes on and on and on.

And I know that I am not alone.

I know that pretty much every woman I know has the same struggle in some shape or form.  We all feel the pressure to be perfect, to display a certain image.

The past couple of months has been a season of growing for me.  Letting go of things that make life messy, letting go of things that do not honor God and do not serve my family. This is where the "No pressure day" comes in.  I have learned that I need to let the pressure go and I need to be intentional about it.

I chose Friday to be the one day that I truly do everything in my power to let go of the PRESSURE and just plain enjoy life with my children.  Just soak it in.  It is a bit different for me then a normal type of a Sabbath that families usually spend together. I intentionally wanted it to be a day that my hubby is working. He is a nurse and works 12 hour shifts so like he is ALL DAY.  I wanted to force myself to have a special mommy/kiddo day where we just enjoy each other. No pressure. We can stay in our jammies all day. We can go to the park, we can make messes and not clean them up. We can do crafts or not do crafts, we can watch movies, have 80's dance parties on top of matresses in the living room......we can do whatever we want. As long as there is no schedule, no plans, no pressure.

It has been one of the best choices I have ever made. Want to join me??? You can follow me shannonrphillips on instagram and post pictures of your no pressure day and use the hashtag #nopressureday

Here are some recent pics that I took with my big girl camera of my muchkins on our "no pressure days."

Pancake breakfast. Only because it sounded fun and yummy. And we didn't do the dishes afterwards.

Loving on babies in the middle of the day in jam jams.

Just playing and working on walking.

Playing guitar in his jammies.

Singing a love song. This is the hard part for me. The floor in the background desperately needed sweeping. But I chose to focus on my girl and her pretty song. I chose to delight in her baby blue eyes and let go of worrying what people migh think if I posted a picture with a dirty floor in the background. ;)

Just hanging out playing games on Mom's phone. How did he get smelly boy feet instead of baby feet all of a sudden?

Annnnnnnnnnnd naps. Naps are a must on "no pressure day." Even if it is only the baby who is sleeping. The little boy and I still snuggle up and rest.

So this is a challenge to all you ladies out there. You don't even have to be a Mama, you know you pile the pressure on yourself. Take a day and let go. See what happens. Let's do this together. We might be surprised at all of the beauty life has to offer in the middle of letting go.