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john & emily : the wedding

I am so excited to share John and Emily's beautiful wedding with you all today. They had perfect September weather for their wedding at Asbury and reception at the Mayo. The day was simple, elegant and sweet.

I absolutely love when a bride is emotional because well.....I am emotional. Emily has such a beautiful tender heart and it was honor to capture these special moments she shared with her mom on camera.

The first look. Sweet private moments of the bride and groom prior to the ceremony.

"Happy girls are the prettiest." -Audrey Hepburn

Loren Houk from Vintage Comb did her usual "knock your socks off" job on hair and makeup.

A grand exit in the beauty daylight? YES please!!!

Congratulations John and Emily! I am so happy that you chose me to be a part of capturing this amazing time in your lives.


kevin & katie : engagement

We had such a blast doing Kevin and Katie's engagements. Amy and I set up a romantic tent for the occassion. Katie loved the idea of a tent because they actually met while traveling the world and lived in tents for quite some time. It makes my heart so happy when we can encorporate a part of our couple's love story into their shoot.

Love, love, love this tight shot.

Amy from Happily Situated came along to assist me and help me set up the tent scene. She also brought along her camera and put together a darling video of the shoot.

Katy and Kevin from Amy Teague on Vimeo.



casey & meredith : the wedding

Casey and Meredith had a stunning September wedding at Southern Hills Country Club. It was such a perfect venue for such a classy and gorgeous couple.

Olivia Lee did a stellar job on makeup.

I absolutley loved the bridesbaids gifts.

Something old....The penny that Meredith's grandmother wore in her shoe.

There is a long list of crimes I would consider comitting if I could have Meredith's waist.

The highly anticipated first look.

Note to all future grooms: When you see your bride for the first time, take a step back to check her out and make this face.

Meredith and Casey chose to do traditional vows during their ceremony but wrote something of their own to share with one another during the first look.

Tasha Bartholic did such an amazing job on the flowers and is always such a pleasure to work with.

HOLY MOLY Meredith!!!!! You are such a BEAUTY!

Mamas are the best.

I posted these next two (both in color) on facebook and on instagram to see which one everyone preferred. It was close but most people chose the near shot (taken by me with my 85mm) but everyone agreed the far shot (taken by Jessie with the 35mm) would be perfect for a canvas.

Hello gorgeous ballroom!

This cake by Icing on the Top is ridiculous. Seriously I am in love with it.


james & amanda : the wedding

James and Amanda had a simply beautiful country wedding at Bridle Creek Ranch in Oklahoma. They are true cowboys and cowgirls. ;) In fact James is a professional bull rider. I absolutely loved shooting this wedding. It was so laid back and fun and the bride worked so hard putting lots of sweet details into the day.

Such an adorable ring box.

I know I say this a lot but I feel like I cannot say it enough. I LOVE when my clients decide to do a first look. It means they get to spend the majority of the day together and they get lots of time for bride and groom portraits without the stress of rushing to get to the reception.

I did not tell James to do this. He hates having his picture taken but was such a trooper for Amanda all day long. He kept saying "She only gets one wedding day so, I'll do whatever she wants." I just love how this turned out. It cracks me up.


I want these in my size.


I love how they displayed their engagement photos at the ceremony site.

Instead of doing a unity candle, they did a branding of their initials during the ceremony.

I have to give props to my second shooter Jessie on so many of the shots I included in this post. She is amazing.

Girlfriend did LOTS of twirling in that pretty dress of hers.

This was the first wedding I shot where they did the shoe game. It was so cute!

Congratulations James and Amanda! Thank you so very much for having us capture your day. I pray that your marriage will be full of more joy and love than you know what to do with.  


that time of year

Hello out there! I just wanted to pop in and let you all know that in the coming weeks we will be posting photos from lots of gorgeous weddings! It is that time of year when we have a wedding almost every weekend. Thank you for your patience as I work my way through a tough first tri-mester of pregnancy and get into a solid routine in homeschooling. 

This is me on a typical Saturday. I don't always look like such a ninja but finding nice things to wear with my growing mid-section and no time or desire to shop, proves to be challenge. ;)


thank you

After my somewhat heavy post on Tuesday, I wanted to assure you that I know with every fiber of my being that this child growing inside of me is meant to be. Though I may be a bit confused at times, I am beyond THANKFUL. Every child is from the Lord and I love this little baby already.

I wanted to thank those of you that shared your hearts with me after I so openly shared mine with you. I received so many messages in my inbox after my post, full of sweet and kind words of encouragement. Thank you for allowing me to be honest. We are all in this story together. We are all family. Children of our Maker.

I am blessed. I am encouraged. Full of hope and joy.

I thought it would be fun to post a photo of both of my babies fresh out of the hospital.

My first baby Keegan. Worshiping in his sleep.

And my sweet sweet Penelope Rose.


tim & amy : the wedding

Tim and Amy were married on a gorgeous August day at Asbury United Methodist Church. This couple is just as sweet as could be. They both are so kind-hearted and genuine and have a deep love for one another. It was an absolute joy and honor to capture their special day.

Mandy Miller: Divine Designs by Mandy Did the flowers.

Sharon Holm from Tulsa Weddings and Designs did the design for the reception.

Zach Downing: Zach Downing Productions kept the party going with his sweet DJ skills.



Settle in and grab some coffee. Get ready for a long, wordy post.

Any of you that know us personally or have been following my posts on social media for any length of time know that earlier this year we began our journey of an adoption process. Both Nathan and I have had adoption in our hearts since before we were ever married. To bring a child that has no family to care for them, into our family is our one of our heart's deepest desires. 

Our home study took a little longer than usual because we had to put it on hold during our process of moving into a new house. After we moved and did some major renovations on the new house, our caseworker came back and completed our study. We finally felt like we would have our new babies home from Africa in the near foreseeable future as we began to get our dossier ready to send to Ethiopia.


Then......I just wasn't feeling right. I almost fainted during a photo shoot because I was so lightheaded and I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach. My husband Nathan had a vasectomy three months prior to this and I was still taking the pill so, pregnancy didn't seem possible. But, I decided to take a test just to ease my mind.


Excuse me?



I know that there are so many women that struggle with fertility and so, I want to be as sensitive as I possibly can here while still being honest with how I truly was feeling. Just as a woman longs for a life to blossom inside of her, I was longing to get off a plane in Africa and hold babies that didn't have a Mommy to hold them, to protect them, to give them a home, to love them forever and ever.

I have to be honest and tell you that I came out of the bathroom, handed (more like threw) the test to my husband and collapsed onto the floor and wept. It felt like a bad dream. I felt angry. Both my husband and I felt the imense sadness of the loss of our babies in Africa and guilt for not being happy about the life inside of me. This just couldn't be happening. happened. For some reason that makes no sense to me at this point in time.....The Lord decided that we needed to birth another child.

It may be something that we don't understand for years to come. Maybe our future adopted child/children need this little person as their sibling. Maybe this child is going to bring healing to someone in our lives. There are so many reasons that it could be. But, even if I never understand....I have to choose to TRUST God. I have to choose to believe that he sees the future and he knows what is best. He is the Father and I am the child here to do HIS will as best I can.

My soul has had good days and bad days dealing with this. This just happened to be the devotional from Jesus Calling the day after I found out the news. It has helped me so much on the bad days.

"UNDERSTANDING WILL NEVER BRING YOU PEACE. That's why I have instructed you to trust in Me, not in your understanding. Human beings have a voracious appetite for trying to figure things out, in order to gain a sense of mastery over their lives. But the world presents you with an endless series of problems. As soon as you master one set, another pops up to challenge you. The relief you had anticipated is short-lived. Soon your mind is gearing up again: searching for understanding (mastery), instead of seeking Me (your Master).

The wisest of all men, Solomon, coud never think his way through to peace. His vast understanding resulted in feelings of futility, rather than in fulfillment. Finally, he lost his way and succumbed to worshiping idols.

My peace is not an elusive goal,hidden at the center of some complicated maze. Actually, you are always enveloped in Peace, which is inherent in My Presence. As you look to Me, you gain awareness of this precious Peace."


A dear friend of mine reminded me of this verse:

"The mind of a man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9

No matter how hard we try, we are not the ones in control. HE is. He is the one that guides me and writes the story of my life. I only hope that at the end of it all, He will look at me and tell me "Well done my daughter, well done." we go. New little Phillips due to arrive in April.


tanner & christy : the wedding

A few weeks ago I had the honor of shooting the wedding of a sister to one of our dear friends. I had a beautiful quite drive out to Woolaroc from Tulsa. Nothing but trees, country roads and my thoughts. Bliss for a Mama of two very active little ones. ;)

Upon my arrival to Woolaroc, I was greeted by these guys. I was sure to stop and take a photo so I could show my son when I got home.

Such a beautiful simple gown.

The Lord was surely on Tanner and Christy's side because just seconds before these first look photos, the rain was just pouring down.  Not only did the rain stop but, the cloud covering kept the temperature unseasonably cool for their outdoor August wedding.

By far, one of my favorite shots of the day.


I could never grow tired of photographing cowboy weddings. Always such gentlemen. I just love how this next shot shows how Tanner cares for his bride.

Two beautiful families becoming one.

And I just had to post this one of my lovely friend Anjanette and her precious girls.

A day full of joy can also be laced with aching. Christy's mom went to Heaven not too long ago. Everyone there was missing her so deeply and wishing she was there. Her photo was there in her honor but we know she was smiling down from above.

 This was my first time to experience a "grand march" at a wedding. Pretty nifty.

Tanner and Christy, it was my joy and honor to capture your day for you. May Jesus fill the rest of your days with more joy and love than you know what to do with.


john & emily : engagements

My lovely client Emily came by the other day to pick up her huge canvas order of this image. It reminded me that I had yet to blog quite a few of my recent engagement shoots. I am so happy to share this one with you because it is extra special. I think all of my shoots are special but this one we had Morgan from Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals come out and do some styling for us. I could not have been more happy with her work. If you are looking for any type of vintage goodies for your wedding or special event, she is your gal.

Thank you Morgan from the bottom of my heart for making this shoot a dream come true!

A vintage sofa in the woods is always a good idea.

Morgan was so thoughtful with every setup that she did. This one might be my favorite.

Oh and hellllllllloooo yummy light and vintage bicycles!

The wine was all John and Emily's doing as it is a huge part of their lives. These two enjoy each other and enjoy the simple things in life tremendously.

Congratulations John and Emily! I cannot wait for your big day.